01.09.2016 Sherkan Aydenin Arlemad – 4400 geft

Hello friends;
I would like to share with you the hair transplantation process experienced by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Within the scope of the freedom of expression. Arenamed) is not to eat people and institutions (to reveal their deficiencies in a sarcastic language, their flaws, etc. ). Yes let’s start;
-The first go to 45 minutes early for the completion of preliminary procedures (blood intake, resting warnings, documents and payment procedures). The operation, which started at 16. 09. 2016 at 16:00, finished around 23:30. -Do not have bloodshed 2 days in advance and have the opening of the vessel (serum, etc. ) 2 days before it reaches the operation, because there will be blood intake again and in both arms, bandages, bands and so on. When it comes to this distress to be searched for the opening of the vascular access, in the process of a arm full of bruises in the future
-My operation is in the form of identifying the planting area, planting area channel opening, donor zone determination, collection of hair follicles, meal, hair transplantation, dressing. -A package consisting of painkillers, antibiotics, edema removal, blood thinners and MDC Panthenol Plus Vit E Spray 50ml will be given after operation. The end of the operation is the first image as below.


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